Thursday, November 25, 2010

You. Must. Try. These!

Okay, my first Thanksgiving dinner as hostess was a success. The turkey was perfect, the gravy was spectacular (well-worth the four, count 'em, four pounds of shallots), the dressing was yummy and the mashed potatoes were just dandy.

I have an oven space issues, however. As in, not enough. So I was wracking my brain, trying to figure out how everything was going to arrive on the table on time and hot. I was not leaving out my yams. Even if I was the only one eating them.

Enter my gorgeous slow cooker. This girl has been coming to my rescue more often than I'd like to think. So I did a little Googling and lo and behold, it's been done. Candied yams in the slow cooker. I just peeled, sliced, layered with brown sugar and white sugar and butter and four hours later, awesomeness. I kid not. Oh, and I pulsed the sugars with the scrapings from a vanilla bean. When they were all done, I put the yams and most of the liquid in my mixer and whipped them up. Topped with marshmallows (don't judge) and I was in yam heaven.

This one is on the list every year now. I will get my kids to eat them. Who wouldn't like something with toasted marshmallows on top?

And now that I've fed my husband one of the best meals he's ever had (he can't stop going on about that gravy), maybe he'll fix my sewing machine tonight so I can sew tomorrow. Homework can wait. I need some crafting time.

Happy Thanksgiving all! I hope it was a lovely day for everyone!


Micki said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time and a great meal!

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