Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Remember This - IDEA!

What about a tree skirt? Too cheesy? Or basket liners? I'm wondering if I fell in love with this but now am having second thoughts because I can't come up with the perfect thing to make with it.
Grr. It's just so cute!
Edited to add: what about some Christmas jammies for me? Since I like it so much, why not just wear it!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What I'm Working On

Besides school and baking, I'm sewing up a storm. Here's that latest projects (others I won't show or talk about because they are for Christmas for some of you - no giving away the surprises!).

Laurel's jammies - and matching ones for the doll she's getting for Christmas.

Will's pillowcases - maybe we can save Aaron's Star Wars one. Aaron still has his Star Wars pillowcase from his childhood and William has comandeered it. He might relinquish it if I make him two Thomas pillowcases. We'll see. That boy does not do change very well.

I'm also going to make on of these - a boy one and a girl one. And a Halloween one. And a Christmas one. And I'm going nuts, but I think they are so cute!

Will has an apron coming too - since Laurel has a collection to rival mine, I figure he needs at least one. His has flames on it - awesome!

After Christmas I'll post pictures of the Christmas projects. For now, just know I'm having so much fun!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sunday Potluck

Okay, I signed up for a community potluck after General Conference on Sunday. I'm bringing rolls and dessert. I thought I'd take those sweet potato cupcakes with the marshmallow icing and then the caramel pumpkin tart. I've been tweaking them and I think they are just right. I'll post pics on Sunday night if all goes well. It's my favorite way to listen to conference. I have a little stand in the corner where my laptop goes and then I can putter around while I listen.

Oh, and Laurel, I don't weigh a ton because I don't eat it all. I think culinary school cured me of that - when you're around food all the time, it isn't all that tempting. At least not for me.
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