Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chocolate and Raspberries

Jennie's thought process:
  • Saw a recipe for Raspberry Buckle on Martha Stewart.
  • Remembered I had a recipe from for Chocolate Raspberry Clafoutis.
  • Now I want to combine them so I have a Chocolate Raspberry Buckle.
And I have a Sunday afternoon to do it in! Hooray!

Stay tuned. I WILL take pictures and post a recipe if it is successful.

Friday, January 29, 2010


I am LUVING Italian. So much so, that I want to pack up the whole family and move to Italy.

Since we're homeschoolers now, I figure I'll be teaching the kids what I'm learning. Who knows, I might retain more that way.

As for this blog, it's not that interesting. It needs some spice. I have projects. But I realized that the projects I do have are gifts and I can't post them before because then the people they are for might see them. And I forget to post them after. I will try to remember. Because this year is the year of the homemade Christmas! I have to get started now because it's going to take me all year!

On the baking front, I'm planning on celebrating World Nutella Day next Friday, the 5th of February. Join in. Go to this site and find recipes and funny things about those of us who are obsessed with Nutella.
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