Friday, November 19, 2010

Hot date

No, silly, I do not have a hot date with Gordon Ramsay. I'm a married woman. He's married. But I could have a smidgen of a culinary crush on him. Just a smidge.

No, the hot date is with my awesome husband who is as much a Hell's Kitchen junkie as I am. We don't have a TV, but we do watch our HK episodes on We were going through withdrawals a few weeks back during the World Series. But Chef is back and we're watching the latest tonight. SO excited.

And then we get to fix my sewing machine together. The old girl needs her tension fixed so she can get me through the holidays and continue to provide fabric therapy for me. Poor girl - she needs a break!

That is all. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I win a Go cutter. Because a little business idea is bouncing around in my brain and I'm wondering how great it is. We shall see.

Have a lovely weekend!


Haws Family said...

SOunds like a fun date!! :) Give that old girl some TLC so she'll keep giving it back!

Rebecca said...

Hmm that's a fun idea! We don't have any tv channels either but I've never tried to watch any shows online--I'll have to try that!

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