Thursday, November 19, 2009

Love Checkin' The Mail . . .

. . . and finding this loveliness to distract me from my French studies. With the last of my spending money, I ordered the binding and backing for my Oh Cherry Oh! quilt (see earlier post) and then these four patterns to inspire me. I'm super excited for them.

Part of me wonders when I'll find the time to do any of this, but truthfully, I'm kinda hoping Aaron gets into BYU or ASU or one of the other schools we're applying to for law school/business school so that I'll just have to stay home and stop going to school. I'm kind of going right now because, well, I can. It's cheap and it's doable right now. Not so sure that will happen when we're dealing with a law school/business school schedule. Which means I get to stay home and do all the other things I want to do.

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

'Tis The Season

Aaron continues to disagree with me, but I still say that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love a holiday about being grateful and delicious food. Such a winning combination. It's just going to be my little family with my parents this year but Mom and I are still making it all. Because the next best thing about Thanksgiving is the leftovers! Which is why I don't love getting invited to someone else's house that is not family - you don't have leftovers!

Here are my two favorite desserts that I'm going to try to make. Well, the lemon meringue tart is getting made. It's my fave - I made my first lemon meringue pie when I was 13. It was our first Thanksgiving in Kennewick and Gran helped me with it. I still associate lemon meringue pie with Gran.

It was that same Thanksgiving that Gran made a coconut cake. I didn't help make it, but I sure helped eat it. This was the beginning of my obsession with coconut cake as well. See, I'm a Southern girl at heart! I have a fabulous recipe for one and I'm making it, even if it means I'll be snacking on it for days. That's some good snacking, if you ask me.

Your turn - favorite Thanksgiving desserts?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Big Plans for Thanksgiving

I received a lovely gift from a very special person with strict instructions to spend it on myself. I have a tendency to buy things for the kids all the time, especially around this time of year with birthdays and Christmas.

I wanted to use the funds to create a memory something. So I bought fabric. First, I bought this:

in jelly roll and layer cake form (by the way, I love Moda's pre-cuts and their names). I'm going to make this quilt, found here:
Then I found this fabric.
For this quilt:
Online, free pattern found here. My goal is to get at least one quilt top done over the Thanksgiving weekend. And have the pieces cut for the other one. We'll be at me parents', so I'll have extra hands with the munchkins. I just might git 'er done!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


These are the butterflies for Laurel's birthday cupcakes. Instructions are found in this book. Not too difficult, although working with those candy melts in tricky. I don't think you can let them get too hot or they get grainy. I'd like to make them again and cover a cake with them - she has patterns in the book for large and small ones. Very pretty and very fun.
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