Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So Here's a Question....

I love my husband.

He can fix lots of things.

But he can't fix everything, although he tries. He has successfully extracted many many pins that little fingers have stored inside my sewing machine. But, in the process, he has also made some adjustments to my sewing machine that are giving me unsatisfactory results.

My tension is off. WAY off. So now he has to take it all apart, again, and try to figure things out. He refuses to let me spend money to have someone else look at it. Not that he knows exactly what he's looking at all the time, but he's a figure-outer kinda guy. So I now have no sewing machine. Again.

I will grant you, he did figure out the blown fuse problem. That was pretty impressive.

I just want my machine back. I need the therapy time.

So I wish you happy crafting. I'm off to my corner to sulk until I get my rotary cutter found (turns out he put it somewhere - where, we still don't know) and my sewing machine back.


Jen said...

My husband has no patience to try to figure out how to fix things...sometimes I wish he did. It would save a lot of money. I totally know what you mean about needing your therapy time though. Maybe you'll just have to bake instead. :)
Thanks for your comment on my humility post. I too find myself wishing for talents that I don't have--many, many of them. Need to figure out how to get over that.

Rebecca said...

When I recently took my machine in (cuz I had ZERO idea how to even start looking for what to fix) the cost was around $80. If you can avoid the cost through Aaron's tinkering, that's great! But if he can't solve the problem, I figure it's still cheaper than purchasing a new machine right? We can only last for so long without a working sewing machine!

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