Monday, May 31, 2010

Boy Quilts

I'm liking this fabric for two quilts for my boys - these are just the car fabrics. There are other coordinating fabrics that go with them and they are all bright and fun and boyish.

What do you think?

My other thought is to just do bright colors in a traditional pattern like a zig zag or an Irish chain or a pinwheel quilt.

What do you think? If I make something just in bright colors, it might last longer, right?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yes, Sir Mommy!

The title is my latest quote from Mr. Jamers. He salutes me and says "Yes, sir Mommy!" LOVE it. So I'm reporting on my progress. No pictures because I prefer natural light and what natural light we've had lately has been gray and drizzly. Thank you, no. So pictures will come later. I will prove to you that I have done what I said I would do!

So what did I do last week?

  • Sewed three bags - I had to. I'm giving one away and I liked it so much, I wanted one for myself. So now I can give two away and still have one. Make sense? I hope so.
  • Sewed white borders on all 4 - count 'em - Matchbox quilts. Now they are ready to be quilted. By whom....that's for another day!
  • Finished cutting my fabric stash for my red/aqua quilt
  • Cut the squares for my double nine-patch - this is the layout I chose, although I'm going to make mine 3X4 - two of them because I have a boatload of nine patch squares!

So, what is on the agenda for this week?
  • Sew that darned apron for my neighbor - I keep forgetting to get interfacing - dragging four children into a fabric store for a smidgen of interfacing is not my idea of a good time. I'm going to Mom's on Sunday, so maybe I'll just take it with me...
  • Sew the double nine patch blocks together
  • Figure out cutting requirements for the nine patch setting squares and triangles
  • Doll clothes, if I can fit them in!
Happy sewing week to all!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Next Week

I have big plans next week. BIG plans. I've finished the pink/green version of my Sent with Love Matchbox quilt. I'll finish the red/pink one on Monday. Pictures forthcoming, I promise. I've got quite a lot of the squares cut for my red/aqua quilt, but I think I want more variety, so that project is currently on hold. Now I'm finishing up my Love U nine patch quilts - I've got enough nine patch blocks to make two lap quilts. I'm in a lap quilt phase these days. Don't know what it is.

I want to make a quilt for each of my boys, especially since we plan on getting bunk beds for them when we move. William is in love with a quilt we received as a wedding gift. It's getting pretty shabby though, having gone through the washing machine quite a number of times. I'd like to make him something in his favorite color: green. I'm thinking a zig zag quilt or a single Irish chain. Needs to be manly though. Any ideas?

I've been liking pinwheel quilts for a while, and I've found my one true pinwheel love right here:

Some call it a Dutch pinwheel. Whatever it is, it is awesomeness in quilt form. I'm going to bust out my scraps and make something fun and special. This may be an ongoing project, but I'm totally planning on having fun with it.

So, to recap, for next week:
The apron for my neighbor
The 2 fun bags, one of which will also go to the neighbor
Finish red/pink matchbox quilt
Cut sashing for nine patch quilts

Maybe start sewing nine patch together, but I'll have to get my layout squared away first, and that may take a while.

Happy sewing! Oh, and we're making a donut cake tomorrow. I'll report, don't worry. Will is SO excited!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Progress Report

Here's what has been keeping me busy the last couple of weeks. The first two quilts I made using this quilt pattern. It is the coolest quilt pattern I've ever done. I absolutely love the sashing made from the jellyrolls. Love, love, LOVE it. Love it so much, I'm making two more. Maybe three. No, definitely three. These two were made from the Oh Cherry Oh line. I divided them into blue/green/yellow and pink/red. I'm liking them, even if the pink red one is a smidge smaller.

I'll take some close ups of my favorite blocks - I have several. Sorry about the poor images - I took some earlier in the bright sunshine, but that totally washed them out. These are going to quilt up so snuggly and cheery - I just may use them in the winter specifically to drive away any blue feelings.

These last two I used this quilt pattern. The fabric is the L'Amour line - I got the fat quarter bundle, which had, I think, 30 fats plus two panels. I'm going to use the panels to back each of these. More pics to come once I get these put together. I'm still learning the machine quilting basics, so it might take a while.

These are lap-sized quilts and they are for snuggling with a cup of cocoa around Valentine's day.

As for WIPs, I'm doing two more of the Matchbox quilts (the first pattern) using the Sent with Love fabric. I'm also going to do a half square triangle pattern called Chimneys and Cornerstones using red and aqua prints. With the same red and aqua prints, I'm going to make yet another of the Matchbox quilts. I really love it. I might even make a big one for a bed out of that. I'm liking that idea!

Happy crafting.

Fabric Organization - Oh My!

While browsing the Sew Mama Sew giveaways, I happened upon this:

Here is how she did it. Truly amazing, and once we move, this is exactly what I'm going to do. I'm tired of going through all my little storage containers. Course, this may inspire me to purchase more fabric, but how can that be a bad thing?

I finished two quilt tops last week - working on two more, plus an apron, some grocery bags and two fun bags. Will I get it all done this week? Doubt it, but it's fun to try!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Project Completed!

For my birthday, Aaron got me a little Netbook. I wanted to be able to carry it around in my bag, but didn't want things like fishy cracker crumbs to get into the little nooks and crannies. So I found this tutorial and decided I must have one.

Then I got lazy. I looked around to buy one, but they are all boring and ugly. I wanted cuteness. So I went back to plan A and whipped this up today. Even with a fussy teething baby afoot, lunch for all the kids and several other interruptions, I still finished it in a couple of hours.

I'm liking it.

Here's my little Netbook with it's new "sleeping bag" as Laurel calls it. I can even have it plugged in and charging while it's in the sleeve. This I like.

And let's be honest about two things. First, cupcakes make everything better. And second, is anyone at all surprised that I made one food related?

P.S. Oh, and I finally learned how to use my walking foot on my sewing machine. Awesomeness!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I have to confess, I love blog browsing. I love reading about people I kind of know, or don't know at all. I love finding inspiration everywhere.

My latest inspiration is the wife of a boy who was in my ward when I was a teenager. One of those boys who was horrible in Sunday School. The kind I thought was soooooo immature. Well, he's grown up and married to a wonderful woman who is so talented and they have three beautiful daughters. She is talented musically and she continues to develop her talents. She's even promised a blog "concert" at the end of the summer.

I'm not gifted musically. I would have loved piano and flute lessons back in the day but it just didn't work out that way. As a side note, I used to be bothered that I didn't get to pursue these talents, but I'm okay with it now. Because I like the ones I have pursued. I love baking. I love sewing. I love embroidery.

So, while I cannot do an online "concert," I can be better about posting pictures of accomplishments and goals. Not a resolutions list.

If you've stuck it out through that rambling, you get brownies.

So, here's my latest goals:

Learn to quilt using my sewing machine (or the new one that I'm *hopefully* getting soon) - taking a class on this at a local quilt shop in a couple weeks.

Embroidery - I have some projects to start and finish. I'd also like to to learn ribbon embroidery. I'd like to get started on Laurel's baptism dress. I want to embroider flowers around the hem of her dress. Something I need to learn a bit more about.

Writing. I'm taking a humor writing class right now. BYU offers online classes, so there are about three or four of those that I can take as well. I'd also like to try my hand at a screenwriting class.

As for baking, well, I still have my ultimates lists to work on. I'll get that out and get back to work.

I'm not going to let the current uncertainty of our future decide what I do right now. I've got too much to do!

Pictures next time, I promise!
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