Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I have a problem

I want to be cool, really I do. I want to be a scrappy quilter. It sounds so, well, tough to me. Like "I can make anything from what I've got." Instead of being the matchy-matchy quilter I started out as. I've got a big ol' box of scraps. I just can't figure out how to do it.

My problem? I want a pattern. Here's a TMI moment, but I look for patterns in things. Everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. Like, as in the tiles on bathroom floors everywhere. I go nuts if I can't figure out the pattern. I like symmetry. I like it to make sense. This might explain why I love math.

Quilts like these I love to look at. But when I have to try to put them together, my brain starts fritzing out. I can't do it! I find myself falling into a pattern. And then it doesn't look scrappy. It looks like I meant to do it. Grrr!
So I'm trying for color themes, like the rainbow zig zag above and this red/aqua below. I figure I can manage the scrappiness within certain parameters. I'm going to have to ease into this. It is not the Polar Bear Club. I'm not jumping in feet first here.

So I've got a whole big stash of red/aqua prints for a half-square triangle quilt. Love the brightness of it.

See, this quilt here is more my style. And cute. I might do one of these too. Just to have fun with it. I have some adorable cupcake prints that would be great with polka dots. Or an umbrella print. Or....something.
It is fun to look at quilt pictures, isn't it? LOVE these quilts. I'll adjust to my scrappy nature. It's just going to take me a really long time!


Amberly said...

I love, love, love that zig zag quilt at the top!

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