Sunday, March 22, 2009

Birthday Present!

I've chosen lemon, but I won't get it until next week. Birthday week was CRAZY! But this was my surprise from Aaron. A copper bowl for my KitchenAid. I'm going to make the fluffiest angel food cake you ever saw this afternoon. And the meringue for my belated birthday cake is going to be unbelievable. I'm so excited to use this.
Now I just need to copper KitchenAid to match. Hmm. I'll have to save my pennies for that one. It's gorgeous.

Found some gorgeous strawberries at Safeway and had to get them - yes, I should care that they aren't local or as good as I know I'll get them at the farmer's market in June. But dangit, I'm tired of eating apples and they were so pretty and red and they tasted so great. We'll be eating them with the angel food cake and whipped cream and this is my all time favorite birthday something. I've always loved strawberries and I should get to have them on my birthday. So there!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lemon or Chocolate?

I'm having a dilemma. It's my birthday on Wednesday and I can't decide what to make. I'm really going to need something I love because I'm taking my accounting final Wednesday morning. I'm torn between a chocolate cake and a lemon meringue cake.

For the record, I *heart* lemon meringue pie - it is my favorite dessert and favorite thing to make and this recipe has been calling to me for a long time - it sound super lemon-y and I know Laurel will like it - she shares my obsession with lemon things. Chocolate is always a good choice for a birthday cake, but we just had chocolate cake for Aaron's birthday and I really think lemon is the direction I should go in. What do you think?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cupcake Madness!

I like cupcakes. Love them, actually. I don't mind that cupcake bakeries are popping up all over. I won't buy them because I can make great ones at home. It's not like going out for pastries that I can't make at home without some difficulty.
So here's what has been making me crazy, and this Family Circle cover has sealed it:
I'm sorry to point this out, but the frosting looks like piles of pastel poo. It is so unappealing to me and I'm amazed that it doesn't bother more people. Here's another one that is even worse:

Seriously? Brown icing piped on with a round pastry tip? Those round tips are nice for a lot of things, but they do not make a pretty swirl of frosting. Star tips please! I refuse to eat a cupcake with what looks like fake doggy poo on it. Call me immature - hey, I have six brothers. Sprinkles do not help, so don't bother. Please, just use a star tip!
Here is a good looking cupcake:

I love these ones - they are adorable.

Stop the madness of the round tip cupcakes!
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