Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ho Ho Ho!

Dear Santa,

First, I'm grateful for the lovely Christmas that arrived for my children. They are all happy with their new toys. Thank you for remembering that socks and underwear are lame gifts. As always, you remembered batteries. You are truly a wonder. You were a smidge noisier than in years past. I realize that some noise is necessary ("arose such a clatter" and all), but did you have to knock those photos off the wall? Yes, they are non-believers, but they are family.

I do have one teensy-tiny complaint. It seems you must have forgotten something for me. Was it the rain here in Seattle that threw you off, you being used to snow? Or maybe our lack of chimney (although rumor has it you can conjure one up if needed)? I received some lovely things in my stocking (notably chocolate things), but no gift card for fabric. Since I was rather specific in the fabrics I wanted, I was sure I would find them wrapped under the tree.

Imagine my disappointment upon discovering there was no fabric-shaped gift under the tree for me, especially after I baked your favorite chocolate chip cookies (by the way, here is the recipe for Mrs. Claus, but please tell her she must be strong and wait the requisite 24 hours before baking, no matter how much you beg).

Santa, I rarely ask for gifts, and typically turn the gifts I do receive into outlets for gift giving (my Kitchenaid being the workhorse around here for Christmas cookies). Some lovely little fat quarters would have been most welcome, and would have made a wonderful quilt for one of my star-eyed little ones to snuggle under.

I've contacted your customer service elves who instructed me to contact you directly. I'm sure we can clear this up. A mistake must have been made. You were most likely exhausted, having taken care of Europe, Africa, South America and the Eastern U.S. before arriving in soggy Seattle. Perhaps you were expecting a latte with your cookies (sorry, we're a non coffee drinking family). My apologies if you were. You certainly polished off the cookies and milk.

There is a giveaway going on at p.s. i quilt. If you've got any pull, I think a $50 shopping spree at fat quarter shop would fit the bill and save you a return trip to Seattle - it's horrendously gray this time of year. You just have a lovely vacation somewhere warm and let me make a quilt so I can keep warm too. I'm running out of hot chocolate.



p.s. If you happened to drop two gifts, my birthday is in March and I'd be ever so grateful for a new sewing machine. I realize it's off-season, but I have been very understanding about this whole gift-dropping business. Just saying.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Show and Tell

Here's a modeling show if what I've been finishing up this week. Kit volunteered to model her new clothes for me. I am so excited to give these little dresses to Laurel (and a couple for Grace!). And so I introduce the lovely Kit.

Here she is wearing a sundress with matching hat. I am making a little white t-shirt to go underneath because we believe in modesty, even for our dolls! Pattern: McCalls 5554

I discovered BunnyBear, who designs historically accurate patterns for American Girl dolls. This is one of the dresses from the 1930s line, #9361.

A little party dress. After making the BunnyBear designs, I'm less interested in patterns from the big pattern companies. They just don't have that polished look. But it's a fun dress anyway. Laurel loves it, and that is what counts the most.

Another dress (this one's for Grace) from BunnyBear.

Another BunnyBear pattern (I'm starting to feel like a commercial for them!) - this one is the Emily dress from the 1940s. LOVE this one. This one is on it's way tomorrow to Grace as well.

Another sundress, same pattern.

This cherry dress is, without a doubt, my favorite one. I love everything about it, especially that red collar. I might go crazy and make Laurel a matching one - I have plenty of that cherry print.

Another one...

A blue butterfly Emily dress. I played around with the collar and cuffs. I think I'd rather have them be white/contrasting from now on. But I like it just fine and Laurel likes it too.

I've got a sitter for tomorrow afternoon so I can sew up my bean bag fish. Then I HAVE to sew that apron. It's a quick sew, so I'll be done with it by Tuesday evening. I might work in a new batch of stockings before Friday, but it's not a priority. I've also got some dinosaurs to make. And a birthday present to make and ship after Christmas.

Happy sewing! Just five days to go!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

We have two winners!

Wow! 442 comments later, we have two winners.

For the patterns, I offer you #253, Stephanie Zito, whose favorite holiday treats are shortbread cookies. Those are quite popular around here.

And for the fabric, I offer you #133, Kathy, who loves snickerdoodles.

I've e-mailed you both, and congratulations.

Thanks to those of you who chose to become followers. I'd thought of making that an extra entry, but I'd rather you become a follower because you really want to, not because you just want another entry. It's like bribing people to be your friends. I'm not down with that.

As for holiday treats, I'm now seriously craving shortbread, gignerbread, English toffee, sugar cookies, stollen, linzer cookies, and peanut brittle. And I just discovered a recipe on Martha Stewart's website (yes, I'm a HUGE fan!) for pecan pie with English toffee bits in it. How spectacular is that? Totally going on my Christmas day menu!

Tomorrow I'm posting photos of finished Christmas items - I've been a busy little elf this week. I've already posted some on Wednesday - more to come tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To Do Tuesday

First, if you're looking for the giveaway, it's still up! Never fear! Just click on the link or scroll down. And thanks to all who've left comments - it's been so fun and I'm already wanting recipes!

Okay my friends - here's my list for this week:

  • Sew blue/brown Emmeline apron - it's all cut out and ready to go.
  • Sew black/lime Emmeline apron - this one is for my awesome friend who's been babysitting for me.
  • Sew art journals for kiddos.
  • Cut and sew fish bean bags.
  • Sew doll dress.
  • Finish doll blanket.
Actually, this brings to mind a question. In years past, I could do my Christmas sewing with my kids right there - currently, there is not the space for a separate sewing room for moi. Now, I have curious little eyes with lots of questions, usually: "Is that for me?"

What to do? Stay up late? Make the husband take them away? Now my boys, all I have to do is put on a movie. But my girl - she is one curious little bee. I'll for sure have to do hers late at night. Rats. No early bedtimes for me!

Happy sewing! And, my apologies for no pictures this time. Promise to have several for Wordless Wednesday.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Giveaway Time!

It's giveaway time at Sew, Mama, Sew!

I've got two. The first - Patterns! A Portabellapixie dress pattern and Heather Bailey's stacking baby toy pattern.

The second: three half-yard cuts of some Christmas-y fabrics.

What do you have to do to enter?

Leave a comment telling me your favorite holiday treat. My favorite would have to be spritz cookies - batch after batch and I can't get enough of them. But I'm also a fan of caramels and Russian tea cakes and now I'm starting to miss baking with my mom, so go ahead and comment away. One entry per person please. Giveaway is open until the 17th. Winner will be announced on the 18th and I'll ship on the 20th. Deal?

Awesome. I'm so excited!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Apron I'm Making

Honestly, I needed a quick distraction from this blasted paper I'm writing. So I'm blogging about fabric.

Here are the three fabrics for the Emmeline apron I'm making for the wife of a friend at church. He said she likes blues and browns. Well, it's his lucky Christmas, because Moda's Pure collection is a stunning one, and all blue and brown.

Side A

Side B

The binding and ties and neck strap

Will she love it? I hope so! I know I would!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

To Do Tuesday

Friday is the ward Christmas party. I signed up to bring something from my "heritage" - y'all should know by now that I claim my Southern heritage first and foremost. So I'm bringing a glorious coconut cake.

Our ward did a service auction a couple of months ago. I put up for auction a custom apron. It was a hot item, and there were quite a few disappointed ladies when it was all over. Well, one very perceptive husband, who listens this time of year when his wife mentions she likes something, contacted me - he's a friend of my husband. He asked me to make his wife one of my aprons. He even knew what her favorite colors were (how many husbands can readily have that info available). I ordered the fabric and it got here yesterday and it's gorgeous! Now I want one in blues and browns! So that will be cut out this week and stitched up next week so I can get it to him in time for Christmas. Can I say that I love being an elf?

Here are some preliminary ideas. I'm thinking ours will just have one big hole for the shark's mouth. Y'all are going to be so impressed with Aaron's awesome artistic skills, I promise.

And this is about how basic I'm going to get with my fish - in fact, I just downloaded a picture of Goldfish crackers and blew it up for my pattern! Aaron says I should make them all orange, but I'm thinking lots of colors would be more fun.

Happy crafting! I cannot wait for school to be done so I can get serious about all these plans. One more week and I'm a free woman. Just one week.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fuzzy Math

Okay, this is a test. Ready?

What do you get when you add plywood+grey spray paint+fabric+navy beans?

We'll find out on Christmas.

Wanna know how? Okay, here it is. I have three little boys. They have a lot of energy. This is a blessing and a curse. In the winter, in Seattle, it's more curse-ish. William walks around like a caged mountain lion in the wintertime.

I've been burning brain cells trying to figure out a fun, homemade gift for these boys of mine for Christmas. Laurel is easy. Coloring wallet, doll dresses, doll blankets, heck, a bag of fabric scraps! But what to make for my boys that they would honestly love? Tough.

The solution is so beautiful, and it also involves Aaron and I doing it together, which makes me even happier. I'm making fish shaped bean bags for the boys with their initials on them (5 or 6 each). Aaron is going to cut a plywood bean bag toss thing in the shape of a shark with the hole being the shark's mouth. He's going to use his awesome artistic skills to paint it and I just know it's going to be the coolest present ever. I can't wait!

This will be a tough one - we'll have to hide it at Uncle John's house (who fortunately has the woodworking tools Aaron will need for this). The bean bags will be a bit easier to hide. Cutting and sewing them might prove more difficult...

I love Christmas! I love coming up with ideas for people.

Oh, and I practically wore out my rotary cutter this morning. I prepped a whole mess of quilting stuff so when I finish school in a week (HOORAY!) I can get busy. I'll have to work on my kids' gifts at night. Priority is the stuff being shipped - that's gotta get done first and in the mail. Then I'll get stuff done for home.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Isn't She Pretty?

Replaced my MIA rotary cutter.

You see those lovely shadows? That is sunlight - an unusual occurrence here in Seattle. And it's sunlight coming through my Christmas tree. Can't beat that, can you?

If I can crank out a paper and get some homework done today, I'll be able to use this girl.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Non-Wordless Wednesday

When you're worried and you can't sleep,
Just count your blessings instead of sheep.
Then you'll fall asleep counting your blessings.

That is most definitely how I feel today. But I have so many blessings that I slept just fine.

I meant to post pictures of my amazing accomplishments yesterday. But I didn't get to sew last night. The group that was in the community center didn't leave on time.

So I will sew this weekend. It's okay. I have a paper to write anyway. It's no secret I'd rather be sewing instead though.
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