Sunday, November 14, 2010


I just love finishing projects. Even little tiny, easy ones like these little beauties:

They whipped up so fast and simple - just have to put a snap on the inside and embellish the outside with a button or something else cute. Super fun and completely from scraps - that's always a great thing, right. So, friends and family, don't be surprised if you end up with one for Christmas!

And then there are big projects that just needed two rows to be done. And so, while introducing my children to the Sound of Music, I finished this off. It's a perfect, large, snuggle on the couch lap quilt size, although with some borders and binding, just might work for a twin. You know, I'm beginning to get serious about the twin beds in the master bedroom....

I also finished a few pillowcases for fun. That's the trouble I'm having these days. I have Christmas sewing that needs to get done, but I can no longer do it in front of my inquisitive little kids! So I'm stuck doing that at craft days (oh darn, need another one!). And I still cannot find my rotary cutter. Grrr. I'm beginning to run out of already prepped projects. Girl's gonna need that soon...

In the meantime, happy sewing!


Rebecca said...

Your quilt is beautiful! and the little coin purse is sweet! It's so motivating to see FINISHED projects!

How did your kids like "The Sound of Music"? That's one I've been thinking about introducing Gracie to--I think she'd love the music.

I keep thinking that maybe I could sew at night after the kids go to bed but for me the lighting is too hard on my eyes, or I'm just too tired, so I know what you mean about finding a time to work on the surprises. But maybe my bigger problem is just deciding on WHICH project to work on and get it organized so that I can work on it when I DO have the time.

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