Monday, June 1, 2009

Countdown to C-Day (craft-day)

Just one week to go (two quizzes, two finals) and then I'm in Kennewick with the sewing machine set up with a good view of the backyard. I'll be sewing like a crazy person, but I'm so excited to get these projects done. I have them all organized in plastic ziplock bags, waiting to be put together. A few more notions to buy (rick rack, mostly!) and I'll be golden.

The problem with me is, I keep finding more and more projects to add to the list. I just found these and I think they are adorable:

This stroller blanket is brilliant - how many times have I had to pick up the blanket after running over it and getting it all muddy - this one is awesome! I found the link here for the tutorial - free and all! Definitely going to be making one. And Adrienne - don't make one for you because I've got dibs!
I can't decide which of these two bag patterns I like better. I bought the second already, but then I found this one:
I don't like boring diaper bags. I want one in bright colors without Winnie-the-pooh on it. I don't want black - looks too much like the ones they hand out in hospitals and that doesn't appeal to me at all. So I'm making one for myself out of fabric I adore. I just have to find the right fabric!
This one you can make out of a single fabric or use several to make it fun. I can't decide, but I will sooner or later!

Let's hope I survive (and pass everything!) this week so I can relax and play next week.


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