Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Books for Children

I am a reader. I read for fun. I sometimes neglect other things because I need to finish a page, a chapter, a book.

My mother is a reader. I grew up watching her devour books. She always had a book in her hand. As a child, I would spend hours at the library, bringing home stacks and stacks of books. They were my friends and I have some vivid memories of the stories I read. This was how I learned about the world outside Coos Bay, Oregon.

I just knew my daughter would be a reader as well. But she wasn't, at first. We struggled with it for quite some time. I suspect she has inherited her father's dyslexia.

This summer, everything has changed. I did a dance of joy watching her walk up the stairs, book in hand, wanting to finish before she had to eat dinner. I have to force her to turn out her light at night to go to sleep. Even then, I'm not sure she doesn't turn it back on once I'm asleep (or lost in my own book!). She quickly breezes through the books I buy and bring home for her.

Which leads me to my problem. I want some slightly more challenging but still age appropriate books for her. I know, I have friends who allow their 8-year-olds to read Harry Potter, but I'm not comfortable with that. The first one or two books are okay, but they get very dark very quickly and I'm not sure my daughter could handle that. A little mystery, a little danger is okay.

She loves Magic Treehouse. She's read the first two Ivy and Bean books and enjoyed them. I'm reading The Magician's Nephew to her in the hopes that she has a desire to continue the Narnia series herself. But what else? Most of the books that are the next step up involve "tweens" who like to shop, have slumber parties, have crushes on boys, etc. I consider it my job to keep her young and innocent as long as possible. So, no, I won't be introducing those books.

Here's what's on my list right now for her:

Pippi Longstocking books
Some American Girl books (I think she'd like Felicity the best)
The Hundred Dresses
Betsy Tacy books
The "Shoe" books - Ballet Shoes, Skating Shoes, etc.

Am I missing anything? The Ramona books, perhaps?

And please don't get me started on early reader books for William. While I value the Dick and Jane books as classics, they have been classically frustrating for both my readers. Far too many "exception to the rule" words to make them easy and understandable. This book was much better. William was so proud of himself for reading the whole thing on his own. That's a good book, in my book.


Kristina said...

Sound so familiar. My mum is a great reader and so I'm I. We tend to read the same books and then talk about them. That's the best!

Haws Family said...

For very beginning readers, I like the bob books. They give the kids that sense of accomplishment, and I think they are a great bridge. They are very simple, but cute and catchy. The other thing I love about them is they are uncluttered. small and clean-looking.

I loved Nancy Drew, and the Hardy Boys. And of course little house and Anne of Green Gables. The EB White books are fun, and maybe some Roald Dahl. Beverly Cleary is the next on our list.

Jen said...

There's always Junie B Jones--you'll either love her or hate her, but kids almost always love her. My kids also loved the Great Brain books. I'd find a librarian at your library and ask them for suggestions too. There's always so many new books coming out. If you don't mind fantasy maybe try the Sisters Grimm books, but they do have some intense parts so you may want to preview them before giving them to her to read. Good luck!

Keri said...

Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder - I'm re-reading them now and forgot how interesting they are.

Anne of Green Gables series - I'm also re-reading these and LOVE them so much!

Ramona Quimby books - always a favorite of mine and I also re-read a few of them earlier this year.

Anastasia Krupnick series by Lois Lowry - I loved these when I was a kid, but haven't read them in a long time.

Charlotte's Web, Secret Garden, Amelia Bedelia books, and Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books.

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