Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To Do Tuesday

First, if you're looking for the giveaway, it's still up! Never fear! Just click on the link or scroll down. And thanks to all who've left comments - it's been so fun and I'm already wanting recipes!

Okay my friends - here's my list for this week:

  • Sew blue/brown Emmeline apron - it's all cut out and ready to go.
  • Sew black/lime Emmeline apron - this one is for my awesome friend who's been babysitting for me.
  • Sew art journals for kiddos.
  • Cut and sew fish bean bags.
  • Sew doll dress.
  • Finish doll blanket.
Actually, this brings to mind a question. In years past, I could do my Christmas sewing with my kids right there - currently, there is not the space for a separate sewing room for moi. Now, I have curious little eyes with lots of questions, usually: "Is that for me?"

What to do? Stay up late? Make the husband take them away? Now my boys, all I have to do is put on a movie. But my girl - she is one curious little bee. I'll for sure have to do hers late at night. Rats. No early bedtimes for me!

Happy sewing! And, my apologies for no pictures this time. Promise to have several for Wordless Wednesday.


Mama Leesh said...

How old's your girl? Sounds like my almost 4 year old. Maybe give her something to do while you're sewing? Beyond that I'm no help, I still can't figure out what to give my girl to do! Lucky its summer here so I can just send the chilluns outside!

Jorie said...

I have a 2 year old and an infant. The baby wakes up when she hears the sewing machine (even though its pretty quiet as far as sewing machines go!), and the 2 year old can't resist getting his hands on EVERYTHING. He'll snatch seam rippers, markers, scissors, thread, you name it! He's so quick that by the time I realize it, he's made a mess, messed something up, or left the room completely and causes trouble elsewhere in the house. It's not worth the trouble! I sew during naptime or after bedtime, which doesn't give me alot of time. When I have alot to do, though, I tell the hubby "I need to sew or someone's going to get hurt!" and he keeps them out of my way ;)

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