Tuesday, December 7, 2010

To Do Tuesday

Friday is the ward Christmas party. I signed up to bring something from my "heritage" - y'all should know by now that I claim my Southern heritage first and foremost. So I'm bringing a glorious coconut cake.

Our ward did a service auction a couple of months ago. I put up for auction a custom apron. It was a hot item, and there were quite a few disappointed ladies when it was all over. Well, one very perceptive husband, who listens this time of year when his wife mentions she likes something, contacted me - he's a friend of my husband. He asked me to make his wife one of my aprons. He even knew what her favorite colors were (how many husbands can readily have that info available). I ordered the fabric and it got here yesterday and it's gorgeous! Now I want one in blues and browns! So that will be cut out this week and stitched up next week so I can get it to him in time for Christmas. Can I say that I love being an elf?

Here are some preliminary ideas. I'm thinking ours will just have one big hole for the shark's mouth. Y'all are going to be so impressed with Aaron's awesome artistic skills, I promise.

And this is about how basic I'm going to get with my fish - in fact, I just downloaded a picture of Goldfish crackers and blew it up for my pattern! Aaron says I should make them all orange, but I'm thinking lots of colors would be more fun.

Happy crafting! I cannot wait for school to be done so I can get serious about all these plans. One more week and I'm a free woman. Just one week.


Rebecca said...

Super YUMMMM! I want to eat cake! The goldfish beanbags are a great idea--and I like the idea of different colors too---there are those rainbow variety of goldfish (I think the colored ones taste gross actually, but the kids ask if I will buy them).

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