Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Show and Tell

Here's a modeling show if what I've been finishing up this week. Kit volunteered to model her new clothes for me. I am so excited to give these little dresses to Laurel (and a couple for Grace!). And so I introduce the lovely Kit.

Here she is wearing a sundress with matching hat. I am making a little white t-shirt to go underneath because we believe in modesty, even for our dolls! Pattern: McCalls 5554

I discovered BunnyBear, who designs historically accurate patterns for American Girl dolls. This is one of the dresses from the 1930s line, #9361.

A little party dress. After making the BunnyBear designs, I'm less interested in patterns from the big pattern companies. They just don't have that polished look. But it's a fun dress anyway. Laurel loves it, and that is what counts the most.

Another dress (this one's for Grace) from BunnyBear.

Another BunnyBear pattern (I'm starting to feel like a commercial for them!) - this one is the Emily dress from the 1940s. LOVE this one. This one is on it's way tomorrow to Grace as well.

Another sundress, same pattern.

This cherry dress is, without a doubt, my favorite one. I love everything about it, especially that red collar. I might go crazy and make Laurel a matching one - I have plenty of that cherry print.

Another one...

A blue butterfly Emily dress. I played around with the collar and cuffs. I think I'd rather have them be white/contrasting from now on. But I like it just fine and Laurel likes it too.

I've got a sitter for tomorrow afternoon so I can sew up my bean bag fish. Then I HAVE to sew that apron. It's a quick sew, so I'll be done with it by Tuesday evening. I might work in a new batch of stockings before Friday, but it's not a priority. I've also got some dinosaurs to make. And a birthday present to make and ship after Christmas.

Happy sewing! Just five days to go!


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