Tuesday, October 12, 2010

To Do Tuesday

What with poetry writing (ugh!), essays on Joseph Conrad and food writing, there's not much time left for sewing. But then there will always be time for sewing. Especially with Halloween coming up. We bought James' costume - he'll be Dash from The Incredibles and I can't wait. William will be a shark - Aaron is taking on that one. I picked up a monkey costume for Mr. Henry. All that's left is my girl. She has to be a cat this year. Not just any kind. A Siamese to match her stuffed animal Molasses. So, we got this here pattern:

And a whole lot of fleece in tan and brown. I'll cut it out this weekend and maybe even get some of the sewing done. Finish it next weekend.

And I can cut it out, thanks to these babies arriving yesterday. You should hear that gorgeous snap they make. It's like music!
I prepped a few projects on Sunday in an attempt to wind down and not think about schoolwork. I finally cut the fabric for my Holiday Hostess quilt - see this post for a pic of the fabric. I've changed my mind on a few things, but I think it's going to be lovely and fun.

I also prepped another pinwheel project using the last of one of my favorite fabrics. I only had 12 5" squares left, so it was a challenge coming up with something. But I got it figured out and it's gonna be cute!

Happy sewing. My reward for getting my paper done early is quality time with my sewing machine. Let's see if I make it!


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