Friday, October 29, 2010

Photo Cards - or why I don't do Christmas newsletters

I don't do Christmas newsletters. I know, they are a way to catch everyone up on your family. But they just get so long. Some people do them by person. Some do them chronologically.

I'd prefer to let the pictures do the talking. If you want details, read the blogs, right?

So, here are my top choices for picture Christmas cards from Shutterfly. I've been a customer of theirs for years and they have always exceeded my expectations. This year, the cards to choose from are all so darn cute. What's really super is the chance to put more than just one or two photos on a card. We had some fantabulous pictures taken in September and I would love to use the individual ones of everyone on one of these cards. You can find th photo cards here.
This one is my all-time favorite, mostly because I can include so many photos. I don't like having to decide.

I really liked this one because I can just give you all a picture of my Christmas (year-round, really) blessings. But you want to see me, don't you? Nah. I look the same as I always do. It's my four little ones that change so quickly.

Love the blue. Really love it. We look good in blue.
Or dark blue. We look good in dark blue too.
Christmas cards aren't the only thing you can get. I'm ready to throw a party, and these invites just might make me do it.

We're starting our annual donut fry this year. Aaron's been wanting one ever since we attended the donut fries hosted by the Stites family in Kennewick. Well, he's strong-armed me into this year. Get this. We're having it on Bill of Rights day - anyone who knows Aaron will laugh and say that is so appropriate. This polka dot card is so me and would work perfectly.

Why don't we do tree-trimming parties anymore? Who do you invite to a tree-trimming party? Who cares? It's a party. It's for fun. Just another chance to get together. I want my holidays to be more about the people and less about the gifts. Maybe that's why there used to be so many get-togethers.
Really love this invite. Maybe for a cookie exchange? Or a Elf-fest (I'm seriously contemplating this one so I can get all my Christmas sewing done on time!).
And for those family members who have everything and you want to give them something truly personal, why not one of these? I chose my two favorite desk calendars for you.

So head on over to Shutterfly. Once I get my photo CD, I'm placing my order. Look for one in the mail! And if you want a card (or invite!) from me, send me your address!


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