Monday, May 17, 2010

Progress Report

Here's what has been keeping me busy the last couple of weeks. The first two quilts I made using this quilt pattern. It is the coolest quilt pattern I've ever done. I absolutely love the sashing made from the jellyrolls. Love, love, LOVE it. Love it so much, I'm making two more. Maybe three. No, definitely three. These two were made from the Oh Cherry Oh line. I divided them into blue/green/yellow and pink/red. I'm liking them, even if the pink red one is a smidge smaller.

I'll take some close ups of my favorite blocks - I have several. Sorry about the poor images - I took some earlier in the bright sunshine, but that totally washed them out. These are going to quilt up so snuggly and cheery - I just may use them in the winter specifically to drive away any blue feelings.

These last two I used this quilt pattern. The fabric is the L'Amour line - I got the fat quarter bundle, which had, I think, 30 fats plus two panels. I'm going to use the panels to back each of these. More pics to come once I get these put together. I'm still learning the machine quilting basics, so it might take a while.

These are lap-sized quilts and they are for snuggling with a cup of cocoa around Valentine's day.

As for WIPs, I'm doing two more of the Matchbox quilts (the first pattern) using the Sent with Love fabric. I'm also going to do a half square triangle pattern called Chimneys and Cornerstones using red and aqua prints. With the same red and aqua prints, I'm going to make yet another of the Matchbox quilts. I really love it. I might even make a big one for a bed out of that. I'm liking that idea!

Happy crafting.


Laurie said...

Whew!!! It tires me out just thinking about all that sewing!! But I know you love it and you're soooo good at it. They look great.

Rebecca said...

Love these Jennie! You're amazing and inspiring!

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