Saturday, May 22, 2010

Next Week

I have big plans next week. BIG plans. I've finished the pink/green version of my Sent with Love Matchbox quilt. I'll finish the red/pink one on Monday. Pictures forthcoming, I promise. I've got quite a lot of the squares cut for my red/aqua quilt, but I think I want more variety, so that project is currently on hold. Now I'm finishing up my Love U nine patch quilts - I've got enough nine patch blocks to make two lap quilts. I'm in a lap quilt phase these days. Don't know what it is.

I want to make a quilt for each of my boys, especially since we plan on getting bunk beds for them when we move. William is in love with a quilt we received as a wedding gift. It's getting pretty shabby though, having gone through the washing machine quite a number of times. I'd like to make him something in his favorite color: green. I'm thinking a zig zag quilt or a single Irish chain. Needs to be manly though. Any ideas?

I've been liking pinwheel quilts for a while, and I've found my one true pinwheel love right here:

Some call it a Dutch pinwheel. Whatever it is, it is awesomeness in quilt form. I'm going to bust out my scraps and make something fun and special. This may be an ongoing project, but I'm totally planning on having fun with it.

So, to recap, for next week:
The apron for my neighbor
The 2 fun bags, one of which will also go to the neighbor
Finish red/pink matchbox quilt
Cut sashing for nine patch quilts

Maybe start sewing nine patch together, but I'll have to get my layout squared away first, and that may take a while.

Happy sewing! Oh, and we're making a donut cake tomorrow. I'll report, don't worry. Will is SO excited!


Rebecca said...

The pinwheel is super cute--can't wait to see what yours will look like. Last year I was hoping to make a bed quilt for my boys, but I had a really tough time finding fabric and committing to a pattern that was boyish. So I never did it *sigh*. But I'm thinking the squares pattern you used for your other quilts would be a fun one for boys. Do you have fabric already picked out?

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