Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekend Project Plans

Tip for using Blogger: Don't EVER hit CTRL A (to highlight your text if you want to try to cut and paste it or whatever) because it deletes everything you just wrote. Very annoying.

Moving on. I'm going for accountability here by posting my plans for Saturday. Even if I only accomplish half if what I have planned, I'll be happy.
So here is my list:
  1. Find (or buy a new one) my clear quilt cutting guide thing-y that has been missing since Christmas. I need this for project 2.
  2. Cut binding, ties and straps for Emmeline aprons. By the way, check out the fabric swatches below from my latest find for this one - I've got to finish it by the Fourth of July. Not that I'll look very fetching in it. Let's just hope the skirt of the apron covers my big ol' belly by then!
  3. Finish sewing brown polka dot apron - the one that has been waiting for Aaron to remove the buttons and pins my boys thought were missing from the inner workings of my sewing machine.
  4. Cut the ties for the Christmas aprons I'm making.
  5. Have some girl time with Laurel. We're painting our toenails and going over to the mall and wandering around a bit - she needs it almost as much as I do.
  6. Work on Laurel's talk for Primary - this is not optional, although could wait until Sunday morning.
  7. Bake some cookies with the kids - this might also wait until Sunday. I found a recipe in my latest Martha Stewart Living for Strawberry Shortcake Cookies and we are so trying them out. I'd link it, but she doesn't have it up on her site. I'll post it later.

The binding, ties, and straps: Side one:

Side two:

Isn't that the cutest fabric you ever saw? I want to make shortcake and pies all the live long day!
I'll post again on Sunday and let you know how things turned out. Here's hoping I'm uber-productive. Right. Because husbands and children are so cooperative!


Rebecca said...

Great plans! How did it go? You're so right--husbands and kids are not very cooperative when it comes to our planning. I'm so frustrated over it all---I feel like I can't work on any projects.

How did Laurel's talk go??!

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