Monday, May 18, 2009

Reporting in!

I think I did alright. Here's the final tally:

  • No sewing got done. I'm okay with this. It was sunny out, and we played outside. I did get a lot of cutting done in the morning and even did some on the back porch while the kids played.

  • I got all the cutting done - whole lotta bias stuff, which is a pain. I did have to go buy a new cutting ruler thingy. Sigh. I'll probably find my old one when we eventually move out of here.

  • We prepared Laurel's talk on Sunday morning - she "wrote" it herself - she told me what to write down and that's what she said. She was so great! Not shy at all and spoke up loud and clear. We did her hair in a "ballerina bun" with a big ol' pink flower. She looked adorable!

  • The Strawberry Shortcake Cookies were post-poned to tonight for FHE. So. Good. Really. When Martha finally posts the recipe on her website, I'll link it. Not too sweet and just delicious. Would be great with some vanilla ice cream.

  • The girl time sort of happened - we got to hang out together while the boys were napping. We've got big plans for when they go on the Father and Sons Camp-out in a few weeks - we're going out to dinner and doing girly things. I loved the Father and Sons when I was a kid - just me and mom!

I like this accountability thing - I'll do it again, when I've got a big ol' list of things to do. Oh, wait. I always have that. I'll do it again in a few weeks once school is out and I'm chaining myself to my sewing machine for a week.


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