Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Aprons Anonymous

I feel compelled to start an apron support group. Something to help those of us who are a might bit too obsessed with accumulating these aprons. I said in an earlier post that I have about six more in the works. I think that was a lie. Okay, I know it was. Here's what's cookin' 'round here:

This one, the one on the far right, I'm making out of a really pretty light green with white flowers. Love it!
This one is being made in several color schemes. Christmas ones that are reversible and then a brown with white flowers that I'm trying to find a coordinating fabric for so I can make it reversible too.

Then there is the "Jane Austen" apron, as I call it. It's so Elizabeth Bennet, isn't it? I mean, if she were inclined to cook, she would wear something like this? Regardless, I love it. So much, in fact that I'm making, umm, well, the count is at four right now, but it could go higher depending on my latest fabric find.

So that is only seven, but then I have several cuts of fabric that haven't found the right pattern partner just yet. But I think the seven is a good start, right.
Some women collect shoes. I like these better.
If you would like to join my support group, feel free. It's quite fun, and doesn't hurt anyone (the bank account does not count!). It's bad though - I've already gotten Laurel started. She has four or five of her own. And she's getting more - every time she sees me cutting out a new one, she wants a new one. I can't say no. I'm helpless!
Oh, and pictures will come as I finish them. I promise. I won't be modeling them until I get my pre-baby bod back (or some form of it), but you can see the finished apron hanging up.


Jen said...

I LOVE the bottom one! Is it easy to make??? I don't really sew...I'm trying to learn though. :)

The Haws Family said...

Sometime I should count the aprons I have cooking. Jenny, you are a bad influence on me. I didn't have this addiction until I met you! I know I have seven hanging in my pantry.

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