Thursday, September 16, 2010

When life gives you lemons...

...or, when you run out of white thread and you're too cheap to go buy more until it's on sale (next week at JoAnn's).

Yep, there I was, cruising along on my HST barn raising quilt. Had 8 rows out of twelve done. And I run out of thread. Curses. Searched the sewing room. I have all kinds of notions - velcro, elastic, ric rac, bias tape, snaps, and colored threads. No white.

So what does a girl do?

She works on other projects. I've had these pillowcases cut out for ages for Laurel's new room decor. Not that she has an old room decor. But when we move and she has her own room again, this is what she'll get:

I didn't make a quilt. Not because I'm a bad mom. Because I already gave her a quilt and there was an incident with grape juice that made me decide that a quilt would be for later. Instead, I found that this quilt from matched perfectly. I've also got some shams to match.

I ironed the rest of my HSTs, cut out some little gifts for Christmas and organized my fabric. But I'm dying to get back to sewing.

Oh, and yesterdays post. Loving those Dutch pinwheels. I need more of that fabric so I can make more blocks. They're even prettier in person.

Happy sewing!


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