Saturday, September 18, 2010

Advancement Statement

Just a fancy way of saying "Progress Report" - but when I typed it in, I discovered that I'd used that super original title for a previous blog post. I know, shocking, eh? So I whipped out the trusty thesaurus (my favorite dinosaur) and came up with that beauty you see at the top of the post. You're welcome.

Having no thread is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it forced me to do some prep work that I would have cheerfully ignored. The curse is that I'm finding new projects to do. I meant to take pictures of my personal form of project organization, but I forgot until 17 words ago. So you just get to see mostly finished stuff. And one of those curses.

First, my red and aqua matchbox quilt. This is the one I'm keeping. I can't access the network at home to get the photo of the one I gave away. They're practically identical, so if you cross your eyes whilst looking at this picture, you just might see two.

Apologies, but the grass outside is a tad uneven, so it didn't lay perfectly flat. That, and I had to hurry and take the pictures before Laurel got tired of holding Henry back. When my little man sees a blanket spread out, he views it as a personal invitation to walk to the middle and dance. Hence my hurry.

Here are my three favoritest blocks, though I do love them all. These ones I just love a little bit more than the rest.

And my favorite of the favorites. Strawberries on aqua with red gingham. How awesome is that?
And I think I'm officially burnt out on that pattern for a while, although it is a lot of fun and super cute.

So, as for my crafting curse. I made a "No Thread To Do List" and have been gleefully crossing things off. Then, I was getting out yet another bit of prep to do when I found this:
The quilting elves must have hidden it on the back of the shelf. I have no recollection of purchasing it, but I must have. I know Aaron didn't - you mention "jelly roll" to him and he thinks of dessert. Not that I wouldn't love for him to surprise me with a stack o' jelly rolls, but I know this is my forgetfulness at work, not his thoughtfulness.

So I'm a bit giddy. See, I was going to order one of these to complete a project with another jelly roll. I already have the other one - it's bright, you can't miss it. So now I can just go right ahead and prep the quilt. So excited that I have a bit of instant gratification. I've a mind to buy a few more and "lose" them. But then I'd know I'd lost them. So it wouldn't work.

Monday and the thread sale at JoAnn's couldn't get here any sooner. I want to get back to my sewing machine!

Oh, and today is my half birthday! Just realized it. I think I'll make myself half a cake. Or eat half a cake.


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