Monday, April 20, 2009

Mission Impossible

I've wanted to make this Lemon Meringue Cake since I saw the recipe in the Tartine Bakery cookbook. It was planned for my birthday. Sadly, that was a month ago. I'm ready to declare my own holiday. Hey, if the pot-heads can have 4-20, I can have Lemon Meringue Day. It will happen. I've been blessed with 2 dozen "real" eggs from "real" chickens - Mom and Dad have a co-worker who raises laying hens and they brought me a couple dozen eggs. What better way to pay tribute to those chickens! I will begin prepping it this week and finish it by Saturday. We will celebrate my new holiday - National Lemon Dessert Day - this Saturday, 4/25. I will post pictures of my final product. I hope it tastes as good as it looks, because it looks pretty good!
And I may have to complete my "Lemon Meringue" apron for the occasion. Just because I can and should.


Rebecca said...

Yummmm...good luck I hope it turns out fab! I was thinking of you last week when a friend gave me some lemon meringue pie as a "thank you". It was good but I bet you have a better recipe. If Saturday is going to be "Lemony Lemon Day" I better think of a way to celebrate it...we made fresh squeezed lemonade a few weeks back and now I'm wanting to get a small lemon tree!

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