Monday, April 13, 2009

Apron obsession

Obsession confession. I *heart* retro aprons. I love sewing them. It's getting out of hand though. Here's what I have. Actually, there should be one more up there - it just needs a little extra something before it's wearable.

And then there are, let me see, about 6 more in the works. I can't help it. I love to bake. I love to look relatively cute. The two can go hand in hand. It doesn't hurt the marriage relationship either - Aaron has a bit of a fetish now too (for entirely different reasons!).

It gets worse. I've passed it on to Laurel. She has 4 aprons. And her dolls have 2, so far. We'll be sewing more this summer. Will also has one, but he's happy with just the one. Not me. The more, the better, I say.

If only I could get excited about vacuuming in my heels and pearls.


Rebecca said...

I love your aprons and that they have a dedicated home on the wall! Seriously I love wearing aprons when I cook too--it makes it more fun, especially when we spend a lot of time in the kitchen! It's almost like dressing up, as you say in heels and pearls. Maybe that is the next step. And I think it's awesome that Aaron likes them too! Happy summer sewing! Post photos of the new ones when you finish---I'd love to see each style and fabric!

Keri said...

Beautiful aprons Jennie! I'd love to have a cute apron like that to wear while cooking or baking. :)

The Haws Family said...

You have pearls?

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