Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cheesecake and Martha Stewart

I still haven't gotten to make the cake I want for my birthday. I suppose it's a little late now. I did get to make this on Sunday:

A gorgeous lemon curd cheesecake - recipe courtesy of Oh my was it delicious!

And, bless her heart, I'd love to hate her but I can't! Martha has a new cookbook coming out and I'm pre-ordering my copy. The trouble is, I have to wait until June to get it. Argh! But then that gives me the summer to plan for fall birthday parties. Well, that's my theory anyway. But I will send it back with a little nasty-gram if there are any poo-frosting cupcakes in there. Somehow I doubt there will be. She's good - and very aware of how things look.


Rebecca said...

oh I just saw this book on Amazon today and craved it! And, it's funny that ever since you mentioned the umm..."poo frosting", I totally notice it now and am becoming a bit of a snobby cupcake judge. You're so right...with so many awesome design techniques, why frost with the round tip??

Keri said...

Can you add me to your reader list for your Baker & Biker blog? I enjoy keeping up with your family. :)

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