Thursday, October 27, 2011

Future Project

Oh, who am I kidding? I want to get started right away on this. But I won't. I will finish up that costume and the dresses for November before I allow myself to get going. But I want to, so desperately.

I was cruising around on etsy when I discovered this stack o' lovelies. An Oh Cherry Oh fat quarter bundle. Someone was destashing and I was going to reap the rewards. This is my all-time favorite line of fabric and I keep buying it for different projects.

What will I make with it this time? Well, I'm so glad you asked. I plan on making this quilt, times two (one using the pinks/greens and one using the reds/aquas). You can buy the pattern here.
Can I just say I love Allison's patterns? This isn't the first one, or the last one, I've purchased. I've got a Kaleidoscope in the works, and I'm dreaming of what I'll use to make the Seville quilt and the Basket Case quilt. I still need to buy the Shortcake and Sugar Dish patterns. But that's for later. I've got too many WIPs and future WIPs to add to the pile.

But that won't stop me from making these little fabric baskets. I will have some yellow FQ left over from that bundle, and as my sewing room is decorated in yellow, I thought, why not? I'm always need storage spots for scraps and "stuff" - these will be perfect!

Okay, baby is sleeping now (I was taking a nursing break, so don't think I was just wasting time - I was multi-tasking!). Back to the Abigail Adams costume.


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