Thursday, June 23, 2011


Well, and why not start with my favorite block? This is my all-time favorite Christmas fabric. I'm hording it like food storage. But I did fussy cut 20 squares and turned them into these blocks - this is just my favorite one - love the present.

I love red and white for Christmas. LOVE it. There is a touch o' green in there, and I'm debating on adding some little fussy cut green tree fabric with the sashing for some popping green color - but not too much. Thoughts? The sashing is a white on white snowflake print (Micheal Miller again) and I think the little bit o' green would be nice, or would it be too much? Voice your opinion!
This is the Easy As Cake quilt from Moda Bake Shop. It came together rather quickly, and isn't meant to be anything special other than something to get us through our first Moscow Christmas. I'm thinking that I'll have enough Christmas quilts to hand out to my little family this year. That will be fun!
Just some happy red and white HSTs. I have another one in the works, although I'll do it as a barn raising quilt this time. More Christmas quilts!
I made two versions of this Jelly Filled quilt - I separated out the greens/blues and the pinks/oranges/yellows. It will make for two smaller quilts, but I'm happy with them. Just good, snuggle on the couch quilts once I add the borders.
Version two - I think I like this one a bit more, but is that even a surprise?
I'm loving the Double Hourglass quilt, even if there is a mistake. Can you see it? Yet another reason why I need a design wall so that I'm not hurrying to get those blocks off the floor before a little helper rearranges them. So one block got flipped. Once I spotted it, I wasn't super keen on fixing it. We'll live.

Yes, I need to improve my photography skills. Working on it, I promise. I need a better camera (and one that doesn't disappear on me).

I also finished some coin purses/wallets that will be handy little gifts. No pics and I still need to put snaps on them. Made a shark one for William and a cupcake one for Laurel. I'm wanting to make a matchy-matchy bag/coin purse/laptop sleeve for me. Too cutesy, or just right?

Well, happy sewing. I'm about to dive into my string quilt and that may consume the rest of June and most of July. But I want it for my bed, so it's got to be big!


Caren said...

I'm not a quilter (yet), so excuse the ignorance, but could you go with some of that white-on-white as little diamonds (or circles) where the blocks connect, then put a small green ball (think Christmas bulb) or other small figure inside each white piece? Sounds kindof involved, but seeing as how you view "fussy-cut" squares as a challenge I thought you'd not be offended at the suggestion. I personally think it's great as-is.

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