Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pancake Heaven

We love love love pancakes around here. Breakfast, dinner, whatever. Just plain ones - although I wish they'd let me be a smidge more adventurous and make my favorites - blueberry cornmeal! But I digress.

Last year, I discovered some Christmas pancake molds at Williams-Sonoma. A snowman, Santa and a reindeer. So much fun and the start of a new tradition. We got some hearts at Valentine's Day but haven't expanded the collection until now.

Jungle Pancakes - Lion, Monkey and Elephant
Halloween Pancakes - they just might have to endure pumpkin ones this time!

Bugs - no bumblebee though. Why on earth would a snail be a better idea than a bee? Crazy! I'm petitioning them to make some transportation ones - airplane, rocket ship and train. We'll see how far I get. If I end up with a train one, I know which one I'll be making for Will and James. All. The. Time.

We do enjoy the filled pancakes as well. Another post, another day. Mmmmm. Raspberry filled pancakes with Nutella sauce. For breakfast! Life can be wonderful at times.


Jen said...

Those are all so cute! My Dad used to make us shaped pancakes by putting the batter into a clean syrup bottle and then freehanding it. We sure loved it. I'll have to check into these though since my artistic abilities leave much to be desired.

Anonymous said...

I can't get enough of Williams Sonoma. I get so happy when I see the catalog in the mail!

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