Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pie Bake-Off Results

I hate it when I don't listen to Aaron.

Shhh. Don't tell him he was right. I should have made my lemon meringue tart, the one we both think is perfect - looks perfect, tastes perfect, is perfect. I made the rhubarb tart, but it tasted more like orange (on account of the orange juice and zest in it) than rhubarb. It was pretty though. But there's a story!
The coconut cream was awesome, but when the cream pies sit out in a kitchen for an hour before anyone gets to eat them, they aren't as good as if they've been chilled. Still, the best coconut cream ever! The crust is made out of crushed shortbread cookies, coconut and butter. Tasty! Far better than graham crackers in my book.
So, the story. I was about to make the crust for the coconut tart when I went looking for the tart pan. I have ones with removable bottoms, so I found the ring, but not the removable bottom. I tore the house apart looking for it. I know we'll find it someday (when we move!), but I needed it right away. So I walked over to Williams-Sonoma with Laurel (dangerous that WS is within walking distance for me) and got two new 9-inch tart pans. I debated on getting the non-stick variety - but they were more expensive and I'm so glad I didn't.
I took them up to the church with the outer ring still on because they transport so much better that way. When it came time to cut the tarts, Aaron just happened by the kitchen and witnessed someone stabbing at the rhubarb pie with a table knife. Now, I'm super gentle with those tart pans - I use a large chef knife and the others I have do not have many scratches on them. When we washed them off before going home, I could see and feel the scratches on them. Not happy.
And I didn't win. Not that I was expecting to win. But the girl who won, who is my neighbor and she made a key lime pie, decided that she should give me some constructive criticism on my tart. Said it needed to be chilled more, to set up more. I was gracious, I promise, and just agreed with her. Never mind that all the custard-y pies had softened (including hers) on account of sitting at room temperature for hours. But whatever.
I'm done with baking for church events. It's just been disastrous. Considering the effort I put into it, it's just not worth it.
I've said it before, but I long for the days and times when, for events like this, women put forth their best efforts, made their prettiest pies, best tasting ones. Now, it's a box of Jell-o pudding and some cool whip. Not kidding - that pie won second prize last night. I think the guys worked harder on their chilis! I just think things like this are worth your best efforts - not just something the kids can maul and eat.
And I'm glad I didn't buy non-stick. They would have been destroyed!


Rebecca said...

Tragedy! I'm with ya sis---we had 2 pie/chili bake offs in MI and for the first one I baked a nice, "real" pie with all fresh ingredients, etc. A jello/cream pie was declared "the best." I learned my lesson. Now I don't bake yums for large, church events but save them instead for when we invite people over.

Your pies sound so delish--I'd love to try baking a tart some time! And, so sorry about your pans...that is tragic.

Annette B said...

infidels, they are all infidels. Okay...infidel like...I guess they can't actually BE infidels since this was a church bake-off. but they have no soul...oh...I guess they do have souls...since this was a church bake-off. taste! they have no taste!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I feel tension just reading this! I have a pet peeve of unsolicited advice from novices. I'd love to try you pies, you'd always have a gracious audience in Denver.

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