Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sound Good?

I *heart* petits fours. Not the monstrous ones that you need a fork to eat it. No, the tiny little bite-sized ones in fun colors and yummy flavors. We made them at school and I've been addicted since. Haven't had one in years though. But someone is making and selling them over the internet - - and I got to thinking that I could do something like this.
Only question is, does this appeal? They are quite cute and would make for fun favors or as an alternative to chocolates for gift giving. This would fulfill my love of baking with my love of tiny treats (I originally wanted to do a chocolate shop, but I'd miss all the other things!.
So, thoughts? Comments? Flavor suggestions? I'd do traditional ones and also some recipes of my own - coconut and lime, stuff like that.


Keri said...

I think it sounds like a great idea. I love petit fours, but remember them being time-consuming to make. Being able to buy them online would be cool.

Flavors that sound good to me are chocolate hazelnut, orange cranberry, lemon, peach raspberry, peppermint or maybe chocolate peppermint, coconut or butterscotch. Mmmm...they sound so yummy. :)

Emily K said...

I think I have only had one petit four in my life, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. I would be a customer. I am not a baker, so I would just have to trust you. Let me know when you are ready for an order. I have a few gift recipients in mind right now!

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