Sunday, January 1, 2012

Creative Resolutions

Well, I don't know how creative they are, but they do regard my creative pursuits.

Here they are - I've kept it to five:

  1. Be a finisher of quilts. I know this one is easy for some of you. I was terrified of machine quilting at first. Now it's just a matter of "git 'er done" and I've got a plan. I'll still work on piecing new tops, but my goal is to quilt all my finished tops (ahem, that would be a whopping 15!) before the summer. Wish me luck!
  2. Um, whittle down the WIP list. Having a baby put me a tad behind.
  3. Write, every day, for 1.5 - 2 hours. I have the time set aside for this in the evening. This means that sewing has to happen during the day.
  4. Get Christmas done BEFORE November. Hey, a girl can dream!
  5. Try something new, and difficult, like applique or a double wedding ring. Challenge myself! I think my Dresden plate quilt will be a good start because I'd like to applique each plate to the blocks.
There. I'm starting on numbers 1 and 3 this week for sure. Basting and quilting another Matchbox quilt.

What about you? Any resolutions?


The Hill Clan said...

I found your blog!! I love it!! And no, I stopped doing resolutions a long time ago. I get too disappointed when I fail again. I am trying to get in shape though so if you ever want to go walking, I'll be out there every day around 8:00 am.

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