Monday, August 10, 2009

Isn't She Gorgeous?

My guardian angel/aunt sent me this absolutely, positively gorgeous slow cooker. It's my early Christmas present and I'm SO grateful. Made this hormonal pregnant girl tear up. With almost 4 children, anything to make dinner easier is a blessing. And this is SUCH a blessing. I'm so glad we live in Seattle with overcast weather even in August. Now I get to play with it and try out recipes. What is so spectacular about this one is that you can take out the cast aluminum insert and brown your meat on the stovetop before you add the liquid and other ingredients. Better flavor!
Aunt Annette, you are invited over for Boeuf Bourgignonne and fresh bread!


Rebecca said...

What a generous, and THOUGHTFUL gift! The feature that allows you to brown the meats and then insert the entire pan right in the base, well, that rocks! I didn't know they made some like that. I might just have to get myself a new one (mine's cracked across the bottom...each time I use it I just keep hoping it will hold out for another meal). Have fun with new recipes!

paula said...

I have the model just below this one--can't brown on the stove. But it is an AWESOME slow cooker. My food never burns. You will love it.

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